Acoustic Absorption Panels

Acoustic Absorption Panels for Large Rooms

Acoustic Absorption Panels Echo Absorber Acoustic Sound Absorbing Wall Panels

Nowadays you can easily find acoustic absorption panels in large rooms such as multi-functional rooms, auditoriums, Halls, etc. The versatile use of multi-functional rooms requires that the acoustics could equally meet the standards for concerts, lectures, rallies, theater shows and public gatherings.

The general nature of large rooms with high ceilings, wide shapes and multiple hard surfaces tends to cause difficult listening environments. The sound waves bounce from the hard reflective surface and produce long reverb and echo throughout the room.

Even with the use of expensive audio systems, the sound is usually turbid and incomprehensible. Our goal is to use acoustic sound absorbing panels and work within the scope of the existing building of the room and to create a pleasant listening atmosphere with clearly recognizable sound.

Acoustic Absorption Panels Echo Absorber Acoustic Sound Absorbing Wall Panels

Auditorium Acoustic Absorption Panels

Adding a combination of acoustic sound absorbing wall panels, sound baffles, or both the two will produce significant differences in speech intelligibility and sound quality. Our echo absorber acoustic panel and baffles can be made in unique range of fabric color and material to suit your needs.

Acoustic absorption panels can be supplied with 25mm and 50mm thickness. Our larger sound absorbing acoustic panels, such as our 1200×2400 dimension, covers more wall area in one application. For more information on larger or smaller size fabric wall panels, please check our custom size panel page. Custom size, custom shapes and custom fabrics are no problem.

Sound baffles are attached to the ceiling vertically or horizontally. The baffle acoustic absorption panels can be mounted in a cautious area and absorb the sound on both sides of the panel.

Why not use creative art acoustic absorption panels? School logo, event information, sports title or sponsorship ads can be printed on our art acoustics panel. By adding graphics to noise control processing, your sound technology will be seamlessly integrated with your existing environment.

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