Acoustic Wall Treatment

Acoustic Wall Treatment for School

Acoustic Wall Treatment Fabric Walls Systems Acoustic Walling Solutions

A classroom should be an environment that does good to listening, rather than an obstacle to understanding. Thus, acoustic wall treatment or ceiling treatment is necessary in classrooms.

Walking noise, HVAC noise, transient external noise, playground laughter, talking students, rustle and other ambient sounds are competing with the teacher’s voice in the classroom. Because of this excessive noise and reverberation, most students in the classroom can only hear 70% to 75% of their teachers. This is equivalent to one fourth words are missed!

Acoustic walling solutions to eliminate echo, reverberation, external noise interruption and internal vibration will improve the classroom experience and help create a better learning environment.

Acoustic Wall Treatment for Classrooms

Acoustic wall material is a good start to reduce classroom noise. The acoustic boards for walls work well in the classroom. They require a small amount of wall surface to achieve positive acoustic effects and can be produced in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Acoustic Wall Treatment Fabric Walls Systems Acoustic Walling Solutions

The affordable acoustic wall treatment panel provides an adhesive surface that can be used for all types of classroom settings. They can be doubled as bulletin boards and do not take up valuable wall space for displaying artwork, maps and other classroom information.

Acoustic ceiling is suitable for the standard ceiling grid system and is an easy way to enhance the acoustic quality of the room without the use of valuable wall space as most classrooms have large windows and not so much wall area.

Acoustic Walls Systems for Music and Band Rooms

The band and the chorus rooms are often sound bad. As a result, students may encounter difficulties hearing each another clearly. The use of acoustic panels, sound baffles in the school music room walls or ceilings will help improve the quality of music.

Acoustic Wall Treatment in School Gymnasium and Auditorium

Acoustic panels and sound baffles are also needed in school gyms, auditoriums, swimming pools and cafeterias. Soft acoustic wall fabric panels installed on walls can also offer protection for people that doing sports or other activities.