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Fabric Board for Home Theater

Fabric Board Panel Sound Absorbing Board For Walls Acoustic Sound Boards

Fabric board is often used in home theaters to solve acoustic problems. Custom home theater often has two acoustic problems. The first concern is to reduce the sound transmission to the adjacent room. This problem can usually be solved by using sound isolation material such as sound insulation board and sound insulation felt between concrete wall and finish panel.

The second problem is to improve the sound quality of the home theater room. Ideally, every seat in the theater should have a clear, high quality and fully understandable sound. The fabric acoustic panel board placed throughout the room will minimize sound deformation within the room and help produce a pleasant and flawless sound. Our acoustic board size is 600x600mm, 600×1200 and can be customized.

Acoustic Sound Boards

The acoustic panel can help control early reflection, flutter echoes and indoor reverberation. It is not necessary to cover each surface with a sound dampening board, but it is a good starting point from the first reflection point.

Fabric Board Panel Sound Absorbing Board For Walls Acoustic Sound Boards

Low-frequency sound or bass has a long wavelength, and in some areas easy to “stack”, and in other places to cancel their own. This can produce uneven bass from one seating position to another. Corner traps will help stabilize the low frequency distortion caused by these standing waves.

For a unique look, our art panel board for walls can be printed any image, movie poster or photo on high quality fabric. You can also use your favorite movie scene, family portrait or abstract art creation to make fabric wall art panels.

In addition to home theater, fabric sound absorbing board is widely used in offices, schools, hotel, prisons, broadcasting studios, government and municipal buildings, music room, restaurant noise control, theaters etc.

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