Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic Treatment with Fabric Acoustic Panel

Acoustic Treatment Cheap Acoustic Room Treatment For Walls

Fabric acoustic panel is one of the most popular sound absorption materials for acoustic room treatment. The panel is designed to provide excellent sound absorption while enhancing the decoration of any room. Designers are free to choose from a large variety of fashionable fabrics.

Hard surfaces such as glass or masonry may cause problems reflecting sound. For example, your problem project may be a noisy restaurant, in which people can not clearly hear each other, or a hall with only a lot of echo. Projects with these problems require ceiling or wall acoustic treatment to improve sound quality.

The acoustic treatment panel has been designed and tested in acoustics laboratory, so the sound absorption curves for each panel thickness are very predictable. The result is a series of products that can improve the acoustic performance of any public space.

Cheap Acoustic Treatment for Cafeteria

Here, the quiet wallboard is installed in the noisy cafeteria. Customers need a product that enhances existing decorations while also reducing unwanted reverb. They chose fabric acoustic panel as they are not just sound absorption, but also with decorative and can blend into the interior style.

Acoustic Treatment Cheap Acoustic Room Treatment For Walls

Acoustic Ceiling Treatment

Interior space may be difficult to fully use for the following reasons: 1. The noise level may be unacceptably high, or 2. Reverberation causes speech, music, etc. to be difficult to hear or be distorted. Fabric wrapped acoustic panels can be used for wall and ceiling applications, allowing designers to freely create a visually appealing space while keeping quiet.

The easiest and least expensive way to reduce the reflection of sound or reverb is to do acoustical treatment for walls and mount a noise panel (such as a fabric acoustic panel for home theater acoustic treatment) on the wall. However, when the available wall area is insufficient, the installation to the ceiling is a viable option. Fabric acoustic ceilings can greatly reduce unnecessary noise if they are installed as hanging features or directly fixed on the ceiling. By using a thicker fabric panel or by incorporating air gaps between the panel and the ceiling, up to 100% of the noise can be absorbed at a particular frequency.