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Baffle Ceiling System Ceiling Baffles Insulation Absorption

Church acoustics is still the same as many other large room projects: absorb too much noise to improve the listening environment. Baffle ceiling is often used in Church acoustics.

Chapel is an important part of the community in many countries. It’s a place for baptism, weddings, funerals and non-religious functions. Therefore, acoustics for church must be versatile to accommodate a range of needs. Since church is usually a high and large space, ceiling baffles are just perfect for such space.

Reverberation and verbal clarity are one of the biggest problems. Hard surfaces such as benches, stools, large windows, choir lofts, vaulted ceilings, and wooden floors or concrete floors reflect sound. When the sound is reflected or allowed to bounce into the room, the result may be uncomfortable listening to the environment.

Baffle Ceiling System Ceiling Baffles Insulation Absorption

Acoustic Baffle Ceiling System for Stadium

Mixing use of sound control materials will play the greatest role in these facilities.

The acoustic panel will help eliminate the stray reflection of the stage. They can also be used for sidewalls, rear walls or suspended on the ceiling. Larger ceiling baffle system, such as our 600x1200x50mm or 1200x1200x50mm sizes are ideal for church applications. For more information on baffle ceiling detail, please check out our custom size acoustic panel.

Fabric art acoustics panels use high-quality conventional artwork, photo or graphic design and place them on sound absorption wool. Creative biblical images, church signs, and inspiring news can be printed on the panels.

Baffle ceiling will effectively absorb sound in cautious applications. The ceiling baffles insulation board is suspended from the ceiling structure, both sides can absorb the sound.

If the reverberation is not particularly high, verbal clarity is more of a problem. Then it’s better to pay attention to sound diffusion rather than absorption. The absorption reduces the reverberation by controlling the reflected sound. On the other hand, the diffusion reduces the perceived sound level by scattering the sound over a wide range. Ceiling insulation baffles and wall diffuser can also help to achieve both absorption and diffusion purpose.