Acoustic Baffles

Acoustic Baffles

Acoustic Baffle Panels Hanging Acoustic Ceiling Baffles Ceiling

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Acoustic Baffles

Hanging acoustic baffles system is a unique ceiling suspension baffle acoustics solution for reverberant noise problems. Superior sound absorption levels can be achieved with acoustic baffles ceiling. Acoustic cloud panel is also an attractive and unique solution for reverberant noise problems on the ceiling. The difference between acoustical baffles and acoustic clouds are mainly installation directions.

The attractive hanging acoustical baffles are made of 50mm thick fiberglass sheets faced in fabrics from our color chart or customers. Usually it’s installed vertically. If the place is too low for vertical suspended acoustic baffles installations, horizontal installation is also possible which is also called acoustic cloud. Cloud panels can also be used to illuminate the backlight with low voltage to achieve dramatic effects.

Standard sizes of acoustic sound baffles are 600x600mm, and 600x1200mm. Panel size can be customized.

Acoustical Baffles Description

Acoustic ceiling baffles are vertical suspension of the sound cloud panel, wrapped in fabric.

Composition of Acoustic Baffle Ceiling

High density glass fiber core
Chemical hardening edge
Suspension hardware on the back of the panel
Fabric faced with fabric from our color chart

Acoustic Baffle Panels Hanging Acoustic Ceiling Baffles Ceiling

Acoustic Performance

25mm thick = 0.80
50mm Thick = 1.00

NRC: The suspension of the panel will increase the sound absorption coefficient.

Acoustic Baffles Application

Places that requires excellent acoustic performance.
Multi-purpose room
Office space with high ceilings
Large reverberant room with high ceilings
Restaurant with exposed roof structure
Stadiums sound baffles

Edge Options


Acoustic Baffle Panels Installation

Our recommendation: expansion screw and steel rope.

Acoustic Baffle Panels