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Acoustical Fabric Panels

Fabric acoustical fabric panels are the most popular type of cinema acoustic panels. They are popular because they are easy to manufacture and can be wrapped in any fabric color. The fabric design acoustic panels are lightweight and economical, and many companies have provided some variations on the theme of textured acoustic wall panels wrapped in standard fabric. However, there are other ways to provide you (the end user) with greater flexibility in sound absorption and more decorative matching options. Fabric-wrapped washable acoustic wall panels are usually very thin and cannot provide the absorption capacity required for the soundproof environment of most small rooms. Their performance matches the price.

Acoustical Fabric Panels Feature:

Custom engineering and manufacturing
Reduce noise and reverberation
Building Decoration
High performance
Original carved absorber
High acoustic performance
Flame Retardant Class b1

Fabric Wall Paneling Fabric Design Acoustic Panels Washable Cinema Acoustic Panels

Resin frame fabric acoustic panel

Most panels in this category are more concerned with price than performance specifications. Their goal is to produce the lowest price products, so you will buy more products at a lower price. The fabric wall cladding panels they produce are thin and can look better on the wall, but in today’s small room acoustic environment they cannot reach the frequency you need. Most do not even have any absorption data, and you can compare them to see which fabric wall paneling is suitable for your particular room. They fill the acoustical fabric panels and fabric wall panels with building insulation or sound insulation foam.

Acoustic Wool Inside

Our fabric wall cladding panel and acoustical fabric wall covering starts to decrease in absorption in the 125 Hz range, and then gradually increases with a slope of 250 Hz. After 250 Hz, it will continue to pass 500 Hz. This is where all foam reaches 100% absorption. This is where the magic lies.

Choose performance over price

Don’t think that all fabric-wrapped fabric design acoustic panels are equal, and most are not. First determine your voice usage. The speech room is different from the control room. The control room is different from the living room. Find your usage, and then choose the appropriate sound absorption technology to complement your usage. The resin frame fabric acoustic panel is to produce absorption at the lowest price, rather than focusing on the performance points required for use in a specific room.