Acoustical Fabric Wall Covering

Acoustical Fabric Wall Covering Fabric-Covered Panels Echo Absorbing Panels Fabric Covered Paneling

Fabric-Covered Panels Echo Absorbing Panels Fabric Covered Paneling | Acoustical Wall Coverings Acoustic Panels With Fabric Cover Theater Wall Panels Fabric Wall

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Acoustical Fabric Wall Covering

Fabric acoustical wall coverings are sound-absorbing wall panels wrapped in cloth, designed to absorb unwelcome background noise in indoor spaces, reduce echo and return high-quality sound quality to the room. Our sound-absorbing and echo absorbing panels are Class A fireproof, decorative, durable, easy to self-install, and come with a set of clips, which can easily self-install the treatment panel.

Fabric theater wall panels come in different sizes and colors to match the interior, and can also have different color shades to make the wall a pattern in multiple colors, designed to seamlessly pair with your existing or planned design. These fabric-covered panels are an efficient, durable, and cost-effective solution for reducing excessive reverberation in large spaces.

Acoustical Fabric Wall Covering Features and Advantages

High performance
Building decoration quality
Custom design and manufacture
Reduce noise and reverberation
100% custom color and size
Size 600x1200mm, 600x600mm, etc.
Thickness 25mm
Custom colors and sizes are available
Easy to install

Acoustical Wall Coverings Acoustic Panels With Fabric Cover Theater Wall Panels Fabric Wall

The Right Solution

The processing of fabric covered paneling will be combined to capture echoes in the room, reduce background noise, and better control the sound quality in the room. Acoustic acoustic panels with fabric cover are designed to restore the clarity of the original sound. Relaxed conversations, a more relaxed listening environment, a healthy learning environment, a more efficient working environment, lower crowd noise and many other related acoustic effects are all waiting for your sound insulation project. The acoustical fabric wall covering will create a more humane space by managing sound and absorbing harmful echoes.

Attention must be paid to the net coverage and panel thickness. Or submit a room analysis of your space so that we can ensure that the appropriate amount of material is used for your sound absorption treatment. The acoustical wall coverings and fabric wall panels installed on these walls or ceilings are available in 60 colors and have a Class A fire rating, which can be used anywhere. We can provide free color samples upon request!

Unit Pricing

The price of the echo absorbing panels and fabric sound absorbing baffles depends on the size and thickness of the panel. Custom order options are available. For any size not standard, please average to the nearest fabric covered paneling size to determine your price point.