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Fabric Wall Art Panels

Fabric wall art panels or fabric panel wall art panels are fabric wrapped acoustic wall panels that provide excellent sound and noise control where it is most needed. After careful design, it can provide a pleasant design and unparalleled sound insulation effect, while taking into account the beauty. These acoustic panel art tiles are light in weight, can be directly fixed to the wall, and are easily integrated with existing design plans. The acoustic wall art panels are impact-resistant and strong. The acoustic art wall panels are designed to withstand seasonal changes in temperature or humidity, so they are very suitable for use in any indoor space.

The acoustic wall art panel is designed as our most cost-effective sound control solution. The custom art acoustic panels are the most commonly used panels for sound absorption and can be used in many different situations. The core structure is a dimensional stable fiberglass board with a resin hardened edge protection layer. The veneer is completely adhered to the surface of the panel and then returned to the back to obtain a complete veneer edge. All corners are fully customized.

Fabric Wall Art Panels Specifications

Size: 600x1200mm, 600x600mm, etc.
Thickness: 25mm

Fabric Panel Wall Art Sound Absorbing Art Panels Fabric Custom Art Acoustic Panels

The fabric wall art panels are available in 25mm and 50mm thick. We can accommodate custom sizes and shapes up to 1200x2400mm. Concave and convex shapes can also be used, making the possibilities almost limitless. The standard edges are cured with resin. The available options of fabric wrapped sound panels include: square, radius and bevel.

NRC rating
Our sound absorbing art panels have been continuously modified to achieve their maximum acoustic performance while providing the aesthetic effects required for their applications. The fabric wall art panel is available in various thicknesses, and its performance has been tested in an accredited laboratory.

Installation of acoustic art wall panels
Standard installation includes dispensing and peripheral glue, Z-clamps, hidden splines, threading clips, hooks and loops.

Each component has been tested according to the B1 level.

Application Field of sound absorbing art panels

Auditoriums, bars, restaurants fabric wall art, conference and board meeting rooms, open office areas, sports and entertainment venues, retail stores, theaters, schools, fever rooms, halls, recording studios, gymnasiums, chapels, music practice rooms and band rooms, airports, apartments, etc.