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Fabric Wall System

The fabric wall system is widely required for its high-caliber acoustic performance, you can increase the beauty and mastery, thus realizing effective sound control. The fabric wall panelling system for walls and ceilings is a high-end acoustic panel that can be used as a complete on-site installation solution. It allows us to use a variety of available fabrics to complement the decoration of any room, allowing us to carry out any type of architectural design.

The acoustic fabric wall system is the obvious choice for a clear, clean, and flexible system that will surely meet the design and acoustic goals of any project and can be easily integrated around existing obstacles in the room.

The stretch fabric wall system not only looks great, but also provides amazing sound absorption. The sound-absorbing core can absorb up to 90% of the sound, and the fabric surface can provide a beautiful finish. Hundreds of fabrics are available, and the acoustic fabric walls can be suitable for any interior decoration. Patterns and customized fabrics can also be used.

Acoustic Fabric Wall Technical Information

Core material: Fiberglass core or designated by acoustic consultant or architect.
Size: 600x1200mm, 600x600mm fabric wall acoustics
Thickness: 12mm, 25mm, 50mm, 100mm or specified
Finish: fabric

Fabric Wall System Fabric Wall Acoustics Manufacturer Acoustic Fabric Wall

Less damage

The tackable fabric wall panel use a fabric system that wraps the surface with invisible sound-absorbing material. This means that the panel will help protect the surface from aesthetic damage.

Environment and sustainable development

As a self-supporting system, we can use more environmentally friendly core materials, such as recycled glass/polyester; glass fiber, etc. These materials for acoustical fabric panels consist of natural binders and high recycled glass content. Damaged areas or easy-to-change color schemes are easy to maintain, and the price is competitive compared to replacement panels.

Acoustic performance

The NRC level is 0.85, and the fabric wall panelling system can significantly improve the voice quality. By reducing unnecessary internal noise, the work space can be greatly improved.

Color variants

The fabric of fabric wall panels is sound-permeable and has passed the BS476 fire protection certificate.


The installation of the elastic fabric wall system should be carried out by a professional installation team through galvanized iron, fabric grippers and necessary accessories.