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Fabric Wrapped Sound Panels

The fabric wrapped sound panel is an attractive, versatile, and rigid fiberglass panel. Aesthetically, it can solve your reverberation noise problem. These acoustic wall absorbers are also called fabric wrapped fiberglass panels or fabric wrapped sound absorbers, which can reduce reverberation in large spaces and improve indoor acoustics to facilitate listening to voices and music. Resin hardened edges are an option to increase the durability of the sides and corners of the panel. Wall panels and ceiling panels are designed for high-traffic areas where impact-resistant adhesive surfaces with excellent sound absorption are required. It is composed of a semi-rigid sound insulation fiber glass core covered with sound insulation and flame retardant fiber.

The sound absorption process involves converting sound energy into another form of energy. When sound energy hits our panel, when air molecules are forced to pass through the holes of the insulating material, the sound energy is converted into heat energy through friction and resistance of sound energy.

Fabric Wrapped Fiberglass Panels Feature

• High sound absorption frequency, low absorption, good effect on medium and high frequency noise.
• B1 class fireproof and E1 class environmental protection, flammable, decorative and easy to install, free from dust and other pollution.
• Our fabric wrapped acoustic panels price is competitive among fabric wrapped acoustic panels suppliers.
• Various finishes and colors for your choice, fabrics can be provided by customers.

Fabric Wrapped Sound Panels Specification
Thickness: 25,50 mm
Edge: bevel, square
Fire rating: B1, or not fire rated
Size: 595x595mm, 600x600mm, 600x1200mm
Climate (RH) 90
Light reflection 85%
Sound absorption rate up to 0.95
Density: 96 Kg/m3

Fabric Wrapped Fiberglass Panels Fabric Wrapped Sound Absorbers Fabric Wall Panel Installation

Fabric Wall Panel Installation

Fabric wrapped fiberglass panels can be installed using a variety of different installation methods, including: nails, mechanical clamps (z-shaped clamps), puncture clamps, and Z-shaped rods.


Standard tackable wall panels are with resin hardened edges. The fiberglass core of our acoustic panels and acoustic baffle system is strong and impact resistant.

Endless design potential

The fabric wrapped fiberglass panel is customized according to your specifications. The interest of the building can be increased by ordering panels with square, beveled, beveled or rounded edges.

Fabric covering varieties

Fabric wrapped sound absorbers can provide a variety of fabric options. Choose the fabric color and texture that best suits your existing decoration. If necessary, we will choose the right fabric for you.


Auditoriums, fabric wrapped acoustic panels for theaters, stadiums, hotels, home theaters, recording studios, concert halls, lecture halls, museums, libraries, banks, courts, multi-function halls, meeting rooms, business offices, high-end villas or private living rooms and other public places to improve surroundings.